EP Release, Snippets & free Download!

Dear Fans, Friends and accidental visitors,

today is news day! First of all I wanna apologize for postponing the EP release over and over but since I wanna do this properly it takes a bit of an effort to get certain things going.

I don´t have a record label or  marketing company behind me so everything´s taking a bit longer than it would anyway. I know, at this very moment, not the whole world is waiting for The Good Morning Diary record (not yet!) but I actually do get messages from people asking where and when they can purchase my music and I feel bad for the delay. So, here´s the news part one: The first TGMD EP is officially gonna be released on the 19th of August 2011 ! We´ll play a nice release concert/ showcase on August 18th at the Prinzenbar/ Hamburg, so please save the date!!! It´s gonna be me with the whole band. News part two is.. as of now you can listen to a snippet of the song “Saving yourself” !! Just check out the Facebook Page. Like, listen, share..!!!

Oh, and part three of course….because the relase date has been delayed again, you can download my song “Rainbow” FOR FREE!! It´s on the Facebook Bandpage as well !! Spread the word!

Thank you!


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